Metric Double End Studs are studs threaded on both ends to be screwed into a T-Slot Nut on one end and Hex Nut or Flanged Hex Nut on the other end.

Stud: Rolled Thread
M6 - M12 heat treated to strength class 10.9
M14 - M42 to class 8.8

For use with metric T-slot nuts
DIN 6379 double-ended threaded studs are typically used when it is not possible or practical to use DIN 787 T-slot bolts.
Unit of Measure


Thread Size

N/A M10


N/A 200

Thread Length -
One End
(b) (mm)

N/A 125

Thread Length -
Other End
(b1) (mm)

N/A 13


N/A To Be Advised